Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership

Feel like leadership is in your future? Want to learn what it takes to be a successful leader? Ready to meet the leadership challenges of the future head on? Get inspired and choose a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies (CILS) today!


Build Capacity.

The Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies (CILS) is your opportunity to build the capacity and skills to become a leader, while pursuing an undergraduate degree in your chosen discipline. Leadership is more than just being the smartest person in the room or being in exactly the right place at exactly the right time. Knowing your strengths and recognizing opportunities or responding to a call for action is just some of what good leadership is all about. Some leaders are born, but others are made—learning leadership skills while exploring leadership through an interdisciplinary lens will help you to differentiate yourself as a future leader ready to take on the challenges of the future.

Connect. Grow. Lead.

Leadership isn’t limited to business or politics, there are leaders in every discipline, and good leadership skills can benefit anyone. Enrolling in the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies will give you the opportunity to learn about leadership with students from across the University of Alberta. Your peers could be anyone: from future charge nurses to engineering lead developers, producers to teaching department heads, CEOs to public health officers, the list is endless. Connect with your fellow leadership students, grow your capacity and skills, and dream of becoming a leader.

Enhance your Degree

A Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies enables you to enhance your leadership skills and develop your capacity to lead as a supplement to your degree program. This embedded certificate is designed to work with your program—many of the courses you will take as part of your degree will count towards the requirement to complete the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies. As a student enrolled in this certificate, you will be encouraged to participate in leadership-related co-curricular activities ranging from mentoring from community and industry leaders, to attending Lougheed Leadership College lectures, forums and stretch experiences.


The Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies is an embedded certificate, meaning the requirements of the certificate can be met by students during the completion of their regular degree program. There is no additional cost to apply for or to complete the certificate.


Students may pursue the Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies by fulfilling existing requirements for completion in their respective disciplines, and by completing the following:

  • INT D 101 (3 units)
  • Indigenous Perspectives co-requisite UofA Indigenous Canada MOOC OR NS 201 (3 units)* 
  • 6 units in elective courses from the pre-approved list of academic courses endorsed by the Peter Lougheed Leadership College (PLLC) at the 100- to 300-level as noted below
  • INT D 407 (3 units) OR 3 units in an alternate 400-level course from the pre-approved list of academic capstone courses endorsed by the PLLC as noted below

*Completion Certificate must be presented as proof of Completion of Indigenous Canada MOOC. Students are encouraged to complete the Indigenous Perspective co-requisite by year two of their program. Students who can provide proof of completing Aboriginal Studies 30, via a high school transcript, are considered to have satisfied this co-requisite.

For More information, see CILS listed in the University Calendar.


Pre-Approved List of Faculty-Delivered Courses


Alberta School of Business
SEM 301 - Behavior in Organizations
SEM 322 - Theory of Organizational Behaviour
SEM 330 – Introduction to Entrepreneurship
SEM 402 - Management Skills for Supervisors and Leaders
SEM 470 – Leadership Lecture Series

ALES 204 - Communication Fundamentals
HECOL 301 - Program Planning and Evaluation
R SOC 375 - Public Participation and Conflict Resolution

INT D 241 – Studies in Leadership

AUIDS 206/306 – Student Leadership: Theory and Practice
AUPSY 240 - Social Psychology
AUPED 286 - Outdoor Education and Leadership
AUPED 290 - Studies in Leadership Theory
AUSOC 393 - Political Sociology

EDU 211 - Aboriginal Education and Contexts for Professional and Personal Engagement
EDPS 410 - Ethics and Law in Teaching

ENGG 200 - Special Topics in Success in Engineering
ENGG 404 - Leadership in Risk Management

Kinesiology, Sport and Recreation
RLS 122 - Leadership in Recreation and Leisure Activities
KIN 205 - Introduction to Outdoor Environmental Education

Native Studies
NS 345 - Governance in Indigenous Nations
NS 420 - Partnership Strategies
NS 445 - Community Development Process

NURS 200 - Innovation, Systems Thinking and Leadership in Healthcare (also offered in French by Faculte St. Jean as SC INF 200)
NURS 300 - Health Policy, Health Care Organizations, Change Management (also offered in French by Faculte St. Jean as SC INF 300)
NURS 400 – Leadership in Nursing and Interprofessional Practice
NURS 409 – Leadership and Issues in Nursing (also offered in French by Faculte St. Jean as SC INF 409)

PHARM 213 - Behavioural, Administrative, Social and Evidence-based Pharmacy

INT D 241 – Studies in Leadership

Capstone Courses
AUIDS 406 – Capstone Course in Leadership
INT D 440 – Learning to Lead in Teaching
INT D 441 - Individual Leadership Practicum
ENGG 490 – Engineering Leadership Lab
NURS 425 – Nursing Leadership in a Focus Area (also offered in French by Faculte St. Jean as SC INF 425)
PHARM 495 – Leadership in Healthcare Decision Making
SEM 471 – Leadership Seminar