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Undergraduate Program

Enhance your degree at PLLC 

Gain skills and credits as part of the PLLC community

Through PLLC's undergraduate programming, University of Alberta students from all faculties can develop the skills, insights and confidence needed to take on the challenge of leadership in all aspects of life and society. Our program includes options that can be customized to your interests, needs, or degree requirements. Read on to see how you can take advantage of our electives or embedded certificate, which can be completed alongside your primary degree.

“Thanks to PLLC, I now have friends across multiple faculties with whom I feel a great connection to, with whom I am proud of their accomplishments and of what they can and will achieve in the future.”

- PLLC Alumna Jo Ann Chew

What path are you on at the University of Alberta?

PLLC Undergraduate Path 1

I am in a structured program but am interested in leadership.

INT D 135: Popular Representations of Leadership

Explore film, stage, television, and video games to analyze the way that popular culture is both informed by, and informs, popular theories and public understanding of leadership! 

There are no prerequisites for this class. 

INT D 301: Foundations of Leadership

Add leadership to your schedule! Develop your leadership skills, analyze your personal leadership challenges and explore pressing issues while working with interdisciplinary students from across campus in INT D 301.

Enrol on Bear Tracks this year! INT D 301 is offered in both Fall and Winter semesters.

400-level courses

Select our advanced courses in Science and the Alberta School of Business according to your interests and elective requirements.

Enrich your degree with unique electives in leadership and meet like-minded students from other faculties.
PLLC Undergraduate Path 2

I am passionate about changing the world with what I learn in my degree.

PLLC Certificate Program

Apply to the PLLC certificate program after completing ★24 credits, or in the semester in which you’ll complete those credits.

Experiential Courses

Take four experiential courses in four different subject areas in a small-group, seminar format led by graduate or law student Teaching Fellows.

Stretch Experience

Practice what you learn by tackling an issue of social impact through a 200-hour personal leadership project with up to $5,000 in funding.

PLLC Mentor Team

Connect with our Mentor Team members who have demonstrated leadership in their respective communities and offer one-to-one coaching and group mentorship.

Graduate with a Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies and excel in your next steps.

Become a PLLC Scholar

In PLLC’s experiential courses, you’ll work toward solutions to relevant real-world problems, like the 2018 section of Foundations of Leadership did in creating a video series of mental health strategies for the University of Alberta community. The series was screened at the Metro Cinema Theatre and is now available online for use by faculty, staff, and undergraduate and graduate students.

This could be you!

Admission Details

Why should undergraduates pursue our Certificate in Interdisciplinary Leadership Studies?

Peter Lougheed Leadership College scholars have access to resources and exciting opportunities to work in team environments and grow as an individual:

  • Stretch Experience: a 200-hour individual project with up to $5,000 in funding that provides scholars with practical, real-world experience.
  • Forum-based Learning: scholars tackle complex problems in their courses in diverse, interdisciplinary groups.
  • Mentorship Program: connects scholars to a team of Edmonton's best and brightest leaders, who are ready to offer coaching and guidance to the next generation.

After completing the program, scholars will receive a certificate from the Alberta School of Business upon graduating from their primary degree. Our alumni stand out from other graduates and continue to employment or further education ready to collaborate and succeed.


Our interdisciplinary program accepts students from all UAlberta faculties! Students are required to have completed a minimum of 24* credits toward their current degree and be in satisfactory academic standing. 

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Student Leadership Competencies

All twelve Student Leadership Competencies are developed throughout the certificate program:

  • Collaboration
  • Creating Change
  • Diversity
  • Initative
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Responding to Change
  • Self-Development
  • Self-Understanding
  • Social Responsibility
  • Verbal Communication
How We Teach Leadership