Our mentorship program connects PLLC scholars and alumni with a carefully selected Mentor Team of community leaders who are trained coaches.

Connecting the leaders of tomorrow with the leaders of today.

Our Philosophy

PLLC values unique, meaningful and rewarding mentorship experiences, and has recruited a diverse Mentor Team to help scholars develop their leadership skills.

Our Mentor Team members include nonprofit founders, business managers, and government officials. They lead teams that are developing breakthroughs in science and medicine, setting records on the sports field, and teaching the newest concepts in the classroom, all while redefining success.

While some Mentor Team members have taken a non-traditional path to their achievements, all are guided by a desire to help young people realize their potential, and shape the next generation of leaders by sharing their insights and experiences.

Cartoon version of Mentor and Telemachus

Mentor as a Noun

Definition of MENTOR:

1 capitalized: a friend of Odysseus
entrusted with the education of Odysseus' son Telemachus

2 a: a trusted counselor or guide

Because Mentor was a person, we believe that a Mentor is something you are. It is not something that you do.

A Gift Word

We believe that Mentor is a gift word. It is a remarkable word that means you have played a significant role in the story of another person's life. As such, it is a title that must be earned from others, not one that you can bestow upon yourself.

We work to create opportunities for Mentor Team members to earn that title. We believe that when someone calls you a Mentor, you are receiving valuable recognition.

PLLC Mentorship Handbook


illustration of an astronaut floating in space


A Conversation with Canada's Favourite Astronaut

PLLC scholar Molly Henneberry has an interest in space medicine. So, for her Stretch Experience, she worked on identifying a research bridge between bone loss amongst spinal cord injury patients on earth and astronauts returning from prolonged spaceflight. Molly followed a breadcrumb trail of connections, starting with PLLC’s Mentor Team, which led to an email (“Greetings from Moscow”) from Commander Chris Hadfield. That email turned into a phone call about her research—and Molly’s conversation with Canada’s favourite astronaut.

“If you’d told me in Grade 11 that part of my university career would involve talking to astronauts about my science projects, I likely would have laughed,” says Molly.

"I've learned that what I'm capable is less about my natural talents, and has everything to do with how much of myself I'm willing to invest in a project."

- This story was published in our 2020 Annual Report

Student Leadership Competencies

Participating in the optional Mentorship program additonally allows scholars to develop five Student Leadership Competencies (SLCs):

  • Initative
  • Listening
  • Problem Solving
  • Receiving Feedback
  • Self-Understanding

Mentor Team members also practice three SLCs during their term in the program: Listening, Problem Solving and Receiving Feedback.

How We Teach Leadership