The Role of a Mentor

The three cornerstones of the role of a PLLC Mentor Team member are:


Mentors can see the big picture. They've experienced things Mentees hope to achieve. Mentors can help identify milestones for Mentees, even if the Mentee cannot see it for themselves.

  • Model professional behaviour.
  • Share stories and discuss past experiences.
  • Help co-create a roadmap to a goal or a future vision of success.
  • Encourage new vantage points and perspectives.


Mentors offer feedback to Mentees so they can practice new skills and gain new knowledge. It is important to challenge Mentees to step outside their comfort zones, while supporting their overall growth.

  • Suggest tasks or activities that challenge a Mentee's understanding of their own abilities while promoting growth.
  • Provide criteria for assessment, so Mentees can track their progress.
  • Engage in discussion by asking relevant and meaningful questions.
  • Hold Mentees accountable by providing ongoing feedback.


Mentors provide opportunities for Mentees to practice their skills, while feeling supported. It's critical for Mentors to recommend or connect Mentees with resources that contribute to their success.

  • Practice active listening by giving Mentees full, undivided attention.
  • Help build structure through realistic timelines and milestones.
  • Provide constructive feedback.

Adapted from The Mentor's Guide (Zachary, 2000)