Stretch Experience

Lan posing with promotional posters for PLLC and Beauty of the Brains

Lan hosted the Beauty of the Brains Pageant, a leadership conference for female junior high students, as part of her PLLC Stretch.

In tandem with PLLC’s focus on experiential learning, scholars are required to undertake what we like to call a “Stretch Experience.” It’s an intensive 200 hours of leadership activity that puts scholars’ leadership skills into practice, as well as taking them outside their comfort zones to place them in an environment that matches their personal career goals. 

These projects are self-directed and independently designed, with approval from PLLC staff. Many students use this opportunity to explore the world, helping communities in need while experiencing a new culture. This is a mandatory, not-for-credit program element that will be evaluated on a pass-fail basis. Successful Stretch Experiences are awarded up to $5,000.

After completing their Stretch Experience, scholars can apply to compete for the Tavender Award: an annual $5,000 award to recognize and expand an outstanding project. Visit our Awards page to read about our past winners, Kaitlyn Walcheske and Simran Gulati. 

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