Marketing, Business Economics, and Law

Business Economics Speaker Seminars

Department of Marketing, Business Economics and Law
Fridays 3:30 PM, Business Building

Date Room Speakers Title of Paper

March 26, 2018

8-22 Tory Daniel Yi Xu
Duke University
"Notching R&D Investment With Corporate Income Tax Cuts In China"
April 20, 2018 BUS 4-13

Lu Han
University of Toronto

"Employment Networks in the Professions"
May 4, 2018 BUS 4-13

Xiaodong Zhu
University of Toronto

“Structural Change and Aggregate Employment Fluctuations in China and the US.”
October 12, 2018 BUS 1-06 Peter Morrow
University of Toronto
"Is Processing Good?: Theory and Evidence From China"
November 23, 2018 BUS 1-06

Nicholas Rivers
University of Ottawa
"Joint with REES"

"The Economic Cost of Air Pollution: Evidence From Europe" 
 December 3, 2018 BUS 4-16

 Guozhong Zhu
University of Alberta
Dept. of Marketing, Business Economics & Law

"Personal Bankruptcy As A Real Option" 
March 15, 2019 BUS 1-06

Sander Heinsalu
Australian National University

 "Competitive Pricing Despite Search Costs When Lower Price Signals Quality"
April 5, 2019 BUS 1-06 Nathaniel Baum-Snow
University of Toronto
 "The Long-Run Effects of Neighborhood Change on Incumbent Families"
November 22, 2019 BUS 4-04

 Shanjun Li
Cornell University

"Quid Pro Quo, Knowledge Spillover and Industrial Quality Upgrading"
 November 29, 2019 BUS 1-05

Vanessa Alviarez
Sauder, UBC

 "Accounting for Cross-Country Income Differences: New Evidence From Multinational Firms"