Marketing, Business Economics, and Law

Department Members

Business Economics

International Business

NREE (Natural Resources, Energy and Environment)

Sessional Lecturers:

Diego Gomes
Hailing Zang


Business Law

Sessional Lecturers:

Marketing PhD Students




Start Date

Rory Waisman Gerald Häubl  Sep 2017
Hyoseok Kim Gerald Häubl Sep 2016
Shuo (Shirley) Chen Kyle Murray Sep 2014
Javad Soleimani Meimandi Gerald Häubl Sep 2019
Nahid Ibrahim Gerald Häubl Sep 2015
Kyobeom (K.B.) Koo
Sarah Moore & Jen Argo Sep 2015
Saurabh Rawal Robert Fisher & Jen Argo Sep 2015
Shaheer Rizvi Paul Messinger Sep 2016
Feyzan Karabulut Paul Messinger & Sarah Moore Sep 2019
Niusha Safarpour Gerald Haubl Sep 2019

Emeritus and Retired Professors