2018-2019 Marketing Seminar Series

Date Speakers Topic of Paper
Jan 19, 2018 Alix Barasch Stern School of Business
New York University
"Signaling and Cooperation"
Feb 9, 2018

Ying Zhang
Peking University

"Rewards and Behavioral Changes"
Mar 16, 2018

Rom Schrift
The Wharton School
University of Pennsylvania

"The Illusion of Multitasking and Its Positive Effect on Performance"
Apr 13, 2018

Moran Cerf
Kellogg School
Northwestern University

May 31 - Jun 1, 2018

Norbert Schwarz (U. of Southern California)
Anat Keinan (Harvard University)
Jeff Galak (Carnegie Mellon University)
Carl Mela (Duke University)

Marketing Research Camp
Sep 14, 2018

Katherine (Katie) Lafreniere, PhD Candidate
University of Alberta, School of Business

"The Power of Potty Mouth: The Meaning and Impact of Swearwords in Word-of-Mouth"
Sep 21, 2018 Marketing Seminar Series - Kick Off Event
Oct26, 2018

Suzanne Bliven Shu
U of California, Anderson School of Management

Risk, Ownership, and Loss In Decumulation During Retirement"

Nov 23, 2018

Sarah Moore,
University of Alberta, Department of Marketing, Business
Economics and Law

"Emotional Echo Chambers: Observed Emoji Clarify and Intensify Individuals' Emotions and Responses to Social Media Posts"
"Play it Again, Sam! Measuring and Understanding Volitional Reconsumption"

Dec 13, 2018

Noah Castelo
Columbia University

"Consumer Adoption of Algorithms that Blur the Line Between Human and Machine"
Dec 14, 2018

Evan Weingarten
University of California, San Diego

"Do We Look Ahead or Behind Us in the Rankings"
Dec 17, 2018 Nikki Sullivan
Duke University
"Indulgent foods can paradoxically promote disciplined dietary choices"
Dec 18, 2018 Shirley Zhang
University of Chicago
"A Dragging-Down Effect: Consumer Decisions in Response to Unit-Price Increases"
Jan 4, 2019 Charis Li
University of Florida
"How Object History Value Shapes Owner Decisions in the Sharing Economy"
Feb 8, 2019 Oleg Urminsky
University of Chicago