Marketing, Business Economics, and Law

Marketing Seminar Series

Marketing Seminar Series 2019-2020

Department of Marketing, Business Economics and Law

Fridays @ 3 PM (except where noted*), Business Building

Fall - Winter, 2019 - 2020 
Date Room Speakers Topic of Paper
September 13, 2019       BUS 4-16

Chuck Howard,

"A Prototype Theory of Consumer Expense Misprediction"
September 20, 2019       BUS 4-16
Mansur Khamitov,
Nanyang Technological University
"Names Are the Mirrors of the Soul: The Role of Anthropomorphized Possessive Brand Names in Brand Preferences" 
 September 27, 2019       BUS 4-16
Zoe Lu,
University of Wisconsin-Madison
"That Money Feels Like Mine: How a Consumer-Funded Frame Increases Incentive Effectiveness"
 October 4, 2019 BUS 4-16
Dongjin He,
The Hong Kong Polytechnic University
"Hiding in the Crowd: Secrecy Compels Consumer Conformity"  
 October 15, 2019 BUS 4-13 Shelly Rathee 
University of Utah
"Presence and Consequence of Marketplace Sexism in Customer Reviews"
 November 1, 2019 BUS 1-06 Xin (Shane) Wang
Ivey-University of Western Ontario
"Image Portfolio and Demand in the Sharing Economy"

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