Mathematical and Statistical Sciences

Graduate Courses

Please click here for a compilation of recommended background materials (PDF) for first year graduate courses in mathematics.

Graduate Courses proposed for the 2019-2020 academic year

Please note that these are proposed courses. The list of instructors is tentative and may yet change. However, interested students are encouraged to contact the mentioned instructors for additional information on the classes. 

This page may change frequently without notice as instructor or course information is updated. 

Information on some of the Mathematics courses (at the 500 level) may be found in our background information document.

Fall 2019

Course No. Title  Additional information  Instructor 
Math 505
Stochastic Analysis I
  T. Choulli
Math 515
Mathematical Finance I   A. Melnikov
Math 516 Linear Analysis
  A. Berger
Math 521 Differential Manifolds
  X. Chen
Math 524 Ordinary Differential Equations IIA   Y. Yi
Math 527 Intermediate Partial Differential Equations
X. Yu
Math 535
Numerical Methods I
Y.S. Wong
Math 581 Group Theory
  E. Primozic
Math 600 Transcendental Algebraic Geometry and the Hodge Conjecture   J.D. Lewis
Math 601 Graduate Colloquium TBA TBA
Math 617 Topics in Functional Analysis I: Function Spaces
  B. Han
Math 625 Advanced Mathematical Finance

A. Melnikov
Math 676  Math 676 Topics in Geometry (Riemannian Geometry)
  E. Woolgar
Stat 501
Directed Study I
Stat 502
Directed Study II                                             
A. Kashlak          
Stat 512 Techniques of Mathematics for Statistics
  L. Kong
Stat 553 Risk Theory
  M. Kowalski
Stat 561 Sample Survey Methodology
  L. Li
Stat 561  Sampling Survey Methodology   K.C. Chough
Stat 562 Discrete Data Analysis   B. Jiang
Stat 566 Methods of Statistical Inference
  R. Karunamuni 
Stat 578 Regression Analysis
  K.C. Chough
Stat 580 Stochastic Processes
  Y. Hu
Stat 664 Advanced Statistical Inference   L. Kong

Winter 2020           

Course No. Title Additional information      


Math 506
Complex Variables                                                                       
C. Doran
Math 508 Computational Finance   C. Frei
Math 510
Stochastic Analysis II
Math 519 Introduction to Operator Algebras   V. Runde
Math 520
Mathematical Finance II

T. Choulli          
Math 530 Algebraic Topology
  D. Favero
Math 536 Numerical Solutions of Partial Differential Equations I 
  P. Minev
Math 539 Applied Functional Analysis   T. Hillen
Math 582 Rings and Modules   A. Topaz
Math 663 Topics in Applied Math
(Mathematical Modeling of Infectious Diseases)
  M. Li
Math 681 Topics in Algebra: Gromov-Witten Theory   C. Doran & D. Favero
Stat 503 Directed Study III
TBA A. Kashlak
Stat 504 Directed Study IV   R. Karunamuni
Stat 505 Directed Study V   I. Mizera
Stat 532
Survival Analysis 
L. Li
Stat 568
Design and Analysis of Experiments
  A. Kashlak
Stat 571
Probability and Measure
  M. Kouritzin
Stat 575
Multivariate Analysis
  B. Jiang
Stat 590
Statistical Consulting
  B. Jiang
Stat 600 Reading in Statistics  Reading Course TBA
Stat 665 Asymptotic Methods in Statistical Inference   L. Kong