Chartered Financial Analyst

Chartered Financial Analyst® (CFA) is a credential for finance and investment professionals offered by the CFA Institute. The CFA® is a globally recognized standard for competence and integrity of financial analysts.

To become a CFA® charterholder, a candidate must pass three CFA® Program exams and have four years of qualified investment work experience.  You may write the first exam as early as your final year of your Bachelor's degree.

The following University of Alberta courses are useful for exam preparation:

Topic University of Alberta Course
Theory of interest
MATH 253
Quantitative analysis
STAT 265, ECON 399 or STAT 378
Economics ECON 281, 282
Mathematical finance
MATH 356, 357
Accounting ACCTG 311, 412
Finance FIN 301, 412, 413, 418

For further details, visit the CFA® Program pages of the CFA Institute.

There is an annual CFA® Night at the University of Alberta, where charterholders speak about the CFA® program and their careers.  For more information on this event, see the website of the Business Finance Association, which hosts this event.