Associate Statistician

The Statistical Society of Canada offers an accreditation program for statisticians practicing in Canada.  The program has two levels of accreditation, namely Associate Statistician (A.Stat.) and Professional Statistician (P.Stat).  The qualification of Associate Statistician (A.Stat.) indicates that the holder has demonstrated an advanced understanding of statistical theory and its applications.  The qualification of Professional Statistician (P.Stat) indicates that the holder additionally has a minimum of six years of professional experience in the application of statistics.  Graduates from one of our programs in Statistics are well on their way to completing the requirements for the qualification of A.Stat.

For more details, please visit the the Statistical Society of Canada website, in particular the accreditation page and the page with the list of courses at the University of Alberta that have been pre-approved towards meeting the educational requirements of the A.Stat.