Mark Ackerman

Position Summary/ Research Interest:

Mark recently retired from the University of Alberta after spending 30+ years on campus. He started a small consulting company that designs and builds specialized research equipment. He continues to be active in the wildland fire area as well as the protective clothing and equipment research facility.

Recent projects have included a flash fire clothing evaluation system for South Korea, a steam/hot water protection system for protective clothing and a test apparatus to simulate vehicle cabs when exposed to wild fire for the US Forest Service.

Mark's areas of interest are:

  1. Safety in wildland fire operations.
  2. Performance of FR Clothing under high pressure steam and/or hot fluids
  3. Evaluation of the protective qualities of fire resistant clothing systems. This work involves the use of an instrumented mannequin to evaluate the energy transfer and subsequent skin damage occurring during short duration flash fires.
  4. Teaching design in the undergraduate engineering program. How to educate students in the most effective design processes and methods.

Key words: energy conservation in buildings, heat transfer, air infiltration, house heating, fire resistant clothing evaluation


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Mark Ackerman

Mark Ackerman

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