Sinoj Abraham


B.Sc. in Petrochemical Engineering, Mahatma Gandhi University, 1998

M.Sc. in Applied Chemistry (Organic and Analytical), Mahatma Gandhi University, 2001

Ph.D. in Chemical (Macromolecular) Engineering, Pusan National / Cornell University, 2007

Postdoc in Chemical Engineering (Cardiovascular Biomaterials), University of Alberta, 2009

Position Summary/ Research Interest:

Soft Materials,

Macromolecular Design, Synthesis and Engineering

Microfluidics and Block copolymer Lithography

Stimuli Responsive systems

Additive manufacturing (3D printing and Electrospinning / Yarning), Stereolithography

Bioactive and Bio-responsive surfaces

Hybrid scaffolds and Regenerative Medicine

Water purification systems and Oil-water responsive systems

Transparent conducting oxides: synthesis and formulations



Research gate:

Sinoj Abraham

Sinoj Abraham

TRAS Research Associate

Office: 2-106 NINT
Phone: (780) 641-1674
cell : (780) 707-1312