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Dr. Abraham is currently developing smart and responsive materials for environmental remediation. One of his projects that was funded by Alberta Innovates under the Climate Change Innovation and Technology Framework (CCITF) program aims to develop nano-coatings for energy conservation and generation. In the area of clean water technologies, he is utilizing the composition of carbon nano-tubes and various inorganic nano-wires with stimuli responsive polymeric sponges with light responsive materials that can switch hydrophilicity for heavy oil removal from large oil spills. He currently holds additional research funding in the Department in his role as an adjunct professor.

His current research also focuses on developing techniques for integrating metabolic functionality into materials through the engineering of bio-molecular systems, such as metabolic “inks” that can be used to print structures with biological metabolisms as an intrinsic material property. Applications of his research output are directed towards the development of advanced systems for water purification, stimuli responsive sensing, and delivery of therapeutics and tissue engineering, to name a few. Major topics of research interest include, but are not limited to:

  • Inorganic-Organic hybrid systems for oil spill response materials;
  • Development of next generation nanotech coatings for solar low-E materials;
  • Bio-materials for tissue engineering and cell implantation;
  • Polymers, block co-polymers, peptides and polymer-peptide conjugates with focus on synthesis, self/induced assembly, and engineering micro/nano functional systems;
  • Polymersome membranes for ligand-binding studies (Proteopolymersomes);
  • Specialty peptide synthesis (SPS) by modified amino acids (solid phase and N-carboxy anhydride mediated) as bio-mimics; and
  • 4D printing and bio-inks.
Sinoj Abraham

Sinoj Abraham

Adjunct Professor