Mechanical Engineering

J Doug Dale - PhD, PEng, FASTM, FCAE, FEIC, FGC(Hon.)

Position Summary/ Research Interest:

Research interests include ignition and combustion phenomena applied to engines, heat transfer and energy conservation in housing and evaluating protective clothing. Current and recently completed research projects are:

  • The Alberta Home Heating Research Facilit
  • Investigations into envelope energy losses, heating system performance, super window performance, moisture migration problems etc. for housing in the Canadian Prairies.
  • Evaluating Protective Clothing for Use in Flash Fires
  • An instrumented mannequin has been constructed with 110 heat flux sensors embedded in its surface. The data is input into a computer code which calculates the potential skin damage resulting from a controlled flash fire.
  • Development of starting aids for methanol fuelled spark ignition engines.
J Doug Dale

J Doug Dale

Office: 5-08U Mechanical Engineering
Phone: (780) 492-5317