Lorenz Sigurdson

About Me

Some examples of Emeritus Professor Sigurdson's activities:

  • Giving invited talks at a turbulence symposium at Caltech and the University of Toronto Institute for Aerospace Studies lecture series to share and develop research progress; providing material for the most recent editions of textbooks; external evaluations for PhD examinees around the world; reviews of papers and grants; and other advice for international universities.
  • Meeting with former students, from those who are considering initial entrepreneurial pursuits to one who has co-founded a multi-million-dollar Silicon Valley start-up. Also advising non-engineers on how to proceed with their design innovations and providing letters of support for their grant applications. Consulting on a wide variety of design challenges, from the design of a sonar probe support to hybrid air vehicles that get some of their lift from forward motion and some from buoyancy.
  • Seeking methods to inspire creative thinking in design and everyday challenge solving. He is available to give lectures and workshops about creativity and innovation, to a diverse set of participants.
  • Engaging with the Alberta Council of Technologies through their Creativity and Convergence Symposia.

Lorenz Sigurdson

Professor Emeritus/Retired