Roger W Toogood


BSc (Alberta) 1972
PhD (Alberta) 1983

Position Summary/ Research Interest:

Dr. Toogood's major activities revolve around the administration of the undergraduate program.

He is the primary instructor of the core course in engineering graphics and design taken by all students in the program. He also teaches a senior elective course in the use of simulation in mechanical engineering design (finite element methods in stress analysis and heat transfer, computer analysis of mechanisms).

He also is involved in an active collaborative research team with Drs. Carey (Mechanical Engineering), Major, and Badawi (both in the Division of Orthodontics, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry). This group is interested in the study of the biomechanics involved in orthodontic devices and treatment.

Current Research includes:

1. Development of an Orthodontic Simulator (OSIM)

This work is directed at the development of a complex experimental apparatus that can measure the applied forces and moments to all 14 teeth in an orthodontic arch simultaneously. This system allows the researcher to place each tooth at a desired location/orientation (all 6 DOF), connect the teeth with an orthodontic archwire of specified prescription, and measure the applied forces/moments on each tooth. This is done in real time (teeth can be moved) and produces an easily-understood 3D display of force and moment vectors.

2. Design of Special-purpose Medical Devices

This ongoing activity is done in collaboration with various members of the local medical community. It involves design and prototyping of new medical equipment. To date, one patent has been applied for, for a device to be used in emergency cricothyrotomy. We are also looking at several problems in dentistry, internal medicine, and anesthesiology.


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Roger W Toogood

Roger W Toogood

Office: 4-08H Mechanical Engineering
Phone: (780) 492-4412
fax : (780) 492-2200