Tom W Forest

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Dr. Forest has changed his research focus to one of his lifelong passions - golf. In 2016 when golf's ruling bodies banned the use of anchored putters, Dr. Forest embarked on developing a new method of putting which adhered to the ban and provided a smooth pendulum motion of the putter. This involved designing and building a new putter head along with a new putter grip. In addition, to optimize the stroke and provide consistency in the putting technique, he has undertaken many variations in putting technique that take advantage of the new putter style. As part of this study, he designed and built a dual axis balancing apparatus to help with the placement of weights on the putter head and shaft.

In a second golf related study he has developed a method to match the swing performance of clubs. Traditionally, manufacturers have used the swing weight method to match clubs but this method relies on the use of the first moment of inertia which is basically a matching of moments (a static method). Clubs are used in a dynamic motion and a static method does not take that into account. The new method involves a matching of first and second moments of inertia (MOI). The MOI of a club can be adjusted with weights at the grip end of the club. In order to measure the MOI, a rig was designed and built to swing the club in a pendular motion and record the natural frequency using a timing gate and high speed video recording. Ultimately, it is hoped that matching of clubs can be completed by adjusting both the club mass and the butt-end counter weight.


Tom W Forest

Professor Emeritus/Retired