Mechanical Engineering

How to Apply



The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers three graduate programs: The MEng Program is course based. The MSc and PhD Programs are thesis (research) based. Any of these 3 programs can be done in the Mechanical Engineering stream or the Engineering Management stream.

Please read all the information provided below on how to apply. Admission requirements for course based programs and thesis based programs are different, please also refer to information found in the Graduate Program Manual. Once you have determined which program is most appropriate (see below), you can complete the Online Application. Be sure to check the Application Deadlines


Thesis based programs in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management have a lower course load but the research component is significantly greater. Students must find a supervisor to support their application. An application cannot proceed without a supervisor. You must contact professors directly. If you visit our Research Areas you can click on each area to find the professors doing research in that field. You will find their contact information and links to their research as well. Click here for a sample 'letter of interest' to potential supervisors.

Your supervisor will provide funding in the form of a Research Assistantship. They will provide office and lab space and guide your research (thesis) throughout your program.


Course based programs in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management require the student to do more course work than the thesis (research) based programs. The research component is significantly less. Students applying to course based MEng Programs do not need to find a supervisor. This program is self driven and there is no funding available. Students are required to to pay their own living and tuition expenses. Please review the following link for estimates on the costs to study in Canada

***Please be advised that MEng course based programs in Mechanical Engineering and Engineering Management are very competitive. More than 700 applications were submitted for the Fall 2017 admission date and only about 7% were accepted. The cut off GPA was 3.7 on a 4 point scale. ***



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