Mechanical Engineering


Conducting innovative, cutting edge research is a top priority for the Department of Mechanical Engineering. Many of our dedicated researchers are respected as international leaders in their fields for their numerous groundbreaking research accomplishments and contributions.

The very high quality of our researchers has been recognized through numerous prestigious awards and research grants, frequent publications in well respected scientific journals, and international media attention. Members from the Department are routinely invited to give keynote lectures at international conferences, and are Editors or members of Editorial boards of influential scientific journals.

Research in the the Department of Mechanical Engineering falls into seven main areas:

Biomedical netting used to knit bones and netting covered bone

Biomechanical, Biomechanics, and Human Mechanical Systems

Biomedical Engineering merges design and problem solving tools commonly applied in engineering with medical sciences

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Machine operating using water jets

Design and Manufacturing

This is a multi-disciplinary research area addressing societal and industrial needs through creative conceptualization, knowledge engineering

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Two large round green plant leaves with Einstein

Energy and Environment

Research in the area of Energy and Environment is broad, and focuses on the development of technologies for production, conversion

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Heat Map of Fluid Mechanics

Fluid Mechanics and Systems

Research in fluid systems engineering is broad and encompasses many nuanced areas. Given our dependence on these systems, the Department of Mechanical Engineering

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Combustion Device

Mechanical Systems and Control

The Mechanical Systems and Control research area in the Department of Mechanical Engineering is a combination of research activity in combustion

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Computer generated 3-D model

Mechanics and Materials

The Mechanics and Materials research area within the Department of Mechanical Engineering focuses on understanding the complex multi-scale behavior of materials

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Hand drawn Cost- Risk- Benefit triangle

Reliability Engineering, Standards, and Safety Engineering

The research area of Reliability Engineering, Standards, and Safety Engineering is a unique area that deals with

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Engineering Management Flow Chart

Engineering Management

Engineering Management is a discipline associated with the planning and coordinating of people and technical resources to achieve a technological objective

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