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University of Alberta Associate Professor Jason Carey

Jason Carey

Mechanical Engineering Associate Professor Jason Carey’s career path was set in motion very early on, when as a small child he watched the robotic sci-fi show Astroboy. From that moment on, he dreamed of one day becoming a biomedical engineer

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University of Alberta Professor David Nobes

David Nobes

Hailing from a remote part of Australia, David Nobes did not grow up with the intention of becoming an engineer. People in his community didn’t really focus on school marks and going to university was outside the norm. Instead, they focused more on community involvement activities like sports.

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University of Alberta Professor Morris Flynn

Morris Flynn

Who hasn’t experienced the teeth gnashing frustration of running late to work or an important event, only to get snarled in the tangled mess of a traffic jam? While many accept traffic jams as an annoying but unavoidable aspect of urban living

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University of Alberta Professor Ben Jar

Ben Jar

Given that as child Ben Jar was inspired by the famous American inventor Thomas Edison, it’s not surprising that when he grew up he chose a career path that relies greatly on inventiveness, creativity, determination, and hard work

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