Copyright Review FAQ (Last updated - 11Jul2016)

How have the processes around copyright review changed for Fall 2016?

They haven’t. Forms and processes for the Fall 2016 session are the same as for Winter 2016 and Spring/Summer 2016.

Who should submit a Copyright Review Form for the Fall 2016 session?

Instructors who intend to distribute printed copies of copyright-protected materials as course packages for their courses should submit a Copyright Review Form.

Such materials could include but are not limited to:

• articles

• casebooks

• out of print works

• content from textbooks other than those adopted for your class via the Bookstore

How do I submit a Copyright Review Form?

The Copyright Review Form is available at and completed forms should be emailed to

What copyright review is required for course materials distributed in electronic format?

If you are distributing your course materials by posting PDFs onto a secure course website (with required UofA CCID authentication) then a Copyright Review Form only needs to be completed when the posted material has been:

a. digitized from a print source AND falls outside UofA Fair Dealing Copying Guidelines (found here:

b. obtained via the UofA Libraries’ digital holdings AND where this form of distribution is not permitted under the UofA's usage rights for that source work

c. obtained from the open web AND bears a clearly visible notice that copying for educational purposes is not permitted.

What about textbooks?

Where a textbook is still commercially available and assigned for your course, no review is required as no copying is being done. However, if the book is out of print and needs to be copied in whole or substantial part for distribution to students, please submit a request for review regarding this copying.

What about providing links to materials available on the internet?

Providing a link does not create an additional copy and therefore does not require review by the Copyright Office.

How long does it take for a copyright review of course materials?

In order for instructors to have a high level of confidence that the review can be completed in time for the start of classes, we recommend allowing 6-8 working weeks for review. A longer lead time, when possible, is appreciated.

How do I arrange to have course packages printed for sale through the bookstore?

Information about the printing, distribution, and sale of course packages can be found on the SUBprint website (main campus) or the Copy Centre on the Augustana Campus. Note that the content of all printed course packages sold to students needs to be reviewed for copyright compliance prior to production. The submission of your print order and the submission of your Copyright Review Form are two separate steps that take place at the same time. Please do not send your Copyright Review Form to the designated print service (the review form is to be sent only to the Copyright Office), but do contact the designated print service separately at the same time you submit your review form in order to place the order for your proposed copying.

What is the role of the Copyright Office beyond the copyright review of course materials?

The Copyright Office operates under the Use of Copyright Materials Policy (, with a primary role of serving the university community by developing best practices regarding the use of copyrighted materials and educating the community about those best practices. To better inform the development of these best practices, the Copyright Office uses the data gathered from the completed Copyright Review Forms to better understand the types and sources of course readings/materials used at the university and how those readings/materials are distributed.