Copying and Distributing Course Materials

Providing Print and Digital Course Readings


The information below outlines acceptable practices for making required readings accessible to students. Where no existing licence or other form of permission pre-authorizes distribution, permission from the copyright owner may be necessary.
Copyright Review and Clearance
Fill in the Copyright Compliance Review Form. Open form for instructions.
If you have any questions or require assistance, contact the Copyright Help Desk at 780.492.8327 or email
Email your completed request form to

Do you have an existing Request Form from a previous session?
Feel free to send us an existing e-Log if you have one from a previous course session. Simply update your readings, save and send us the file.
If you require a copy of your old e-Log, contact us and we will send you a copy.

Other Options for Providing Course Readings
If the library has already licensed the material for use in electronic format provide students with a persistent link so they access the original.
Create links to content that is freely available on the open web
Consider adopting a textbook for your course. Contact the University Bookstore for assistance.
Consult with the library regarding their Library Reserve Services policy and practices.
Assign a reading list.
Distribute to students in a format of your choice once permission has been acquired.
  Production and Sale of Printed Course Materials

For those in Edmonton, SUBPrint Copy Centre on the main campus is the first point of contact for accepting requests and answering inquiries related to the production of printed course materials. See their website for more information.

For those in Camrose at Augustana Faculty, contact your on campus Copy Centre for instructions on preparing your course materials and submitting a request.

All course collections sold to students will be reviewed for copyright compliance prior to production. The responsibility for this review resides with the Copyright Office. Download and complete a Copyright Compliance Review Form and send it to us via email.

As the time required for clearing copyright does vary, we recommend submitting your request 6-8 weeks in advance of your course start date.

  Posting to a Learning Management System
(Last updated: 11Jul2016) Please consult the Copyright Review Form to determine whether submission of the Form for review prior to uploading course content will be required. If you submit a Copyright Review Form, Copyright Office staff will review the course selections and advise on uploading selections to the LMS after their review is complete. Regardless of whether the submission of a Copyright Review Form is required, please follow the guidelines outlined below when posting course materials to an LMS.
Guidelines and Conditions
Adhere to the percentages outlined in the University of Alberta Copying Guidelines.
Rather than reproduce and provide a copy of an e-journal article or e-book accessible through the UA Libraries, create a persistent URL to the original source. Likewise for content available on the open web.
Exercise due diligence in ensuring the copy reproduced is made from a lawful source.
Guard against systematic, cumulative copying from the same work over the course of one term.
Limit distribution to students enrolled in the program.
Upload readings to a secure learning management system operated by and under the control of the University. Ensure documents are no longer accessible to students once the course or series of courses it pertains to has ended.
Provide a full citation of the work and the following statement on a page of the material, or otherwise associated with the copy, where it will be seen by the student before reading the selection:

“This content has been reproduced and provided or communicated pursuant to the University of Alberta Fair Dealing Guidelines for use by students enrolled in the course of study or training program for which it was made. Any reproduction or other use of this material is strictly prohibited.”

The information provided within this site is not legal advice. Consult with a lawyer should you require legal assistance.
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