Oana Caluseriu  
Alicia Chan  
Sarah Hughes  A genetic model for Neurofibromatosis Type II: Identification and characterization of protein partners of the Merlin tumour suppressor protein
Stacey Hume  
Shailly Jain Ghai  Liver transplantation in inborn errors of metabolism and newborn screening for inborn errors of metabolism
Karen Niederhoffer  
Paulo Nuin  
Komudi Siriwardena  
Sherryl Taylor  
Anastassia Voronova  Neural stem cells, neurodevelopment, regeneration, neurodevelopmental disorders, KBG syndrome, glia, remyelination, multiple sclerosis, epigenetics, cell-to-cell communication
Michael Walter  Molecular genetics of glaucoma, Molecular genetics of bawl-like breast cancer
Zhixiang Wang  ERBB Receptor Signaling, Cancer Cell Biology, Drug Resistance and Novel Therapy in Breast Cancer
Rachel Wevrick  Genetic, molecular, and physiological basis of abnormal neurodevelopment, growth and metabolism in developmental disorders affecting children
Toshifumi Yokota  Antisense technology, Genome-editing technology, Neuromuscular diseases, Musculoskeletal diseases, Neuroscience

Adjunct Faculty

Katherine Aitchison  
Ted Allison  
Fred Berry  Bone and cartilage development, Cell differentiation, Gene regulation
Amit Bhavsar  Bacterial effector proteins, Safety of childhood cancer treatments
Francois Bolduc  
Deobrah Burshtyn  
David Eisenstat  
Monica Gibson
 Periodontal disease, bone biology, mineralization defects in dental tissues
Daniel Graf  
Jennifer Hocking  The development and maintenance of photoreceptor morphology
Glen Jickling  
Ordan Lehmann  
Lesley Mitchell  
Jeremy Squires  
Oksana Suchowersky  Dr. Suchowersky’s research investigates the genetic basis for heritable disorders such as spinocerebellar
ataxia and hereditary spastic paraparesis.
Alan Underhill  

Professors Emeriti

Dr. Stephen Bamforth

Dr. Diane W Cox

Dr. Dawna Gilchrist

Dr. Martin Somerville