Sajid Merchant

Assistant Clinical Professor

Office: 780-123-4567
Lab: 780-234-5678
Fax: 780-456-7890


Current areas of work:

  1. determining the utility and practicality of undergraduate education in Genetic Counselling
  2. a team member of the Alberta Rare Disease Precision Medicine Network, whose goal is to further the development of personalized medicine in Alberta by creating and implementing a network that guides the ethical use of genetic and phenotypic data in clinical care and research

Selected Publications:

DLL3 as a Candidate Gene for Vertebral Malformations.
Giampietro P.F., Raggio C.L., Reynolds C., Ghebranious N., Burmester J.K., Glurich I., Rasmussen K., McPherson E., Pauli R.M., Shukla S.K., Merchant S. et al.
American Journal of Medical Genetics 140: 2447-2453.

Widened clinical spectrum of the Q128P MECP2 mutation in Rett syndrome.
Giampietro P.F., Schowalter D.B., Merchant S, et al.
Childs Nervous System 22: 320-324.

An analysis of PAX1 in the development of vertebral malformations.
Giampietro P.F., Raggio C.L., Reynolds C.E., Merchant S, et al.
Clinical Genetics 68: 448-453

Congenital and Idiopathic Scoliosis: Clinical and Genetic Aspects.
Giampietro P.F., Blank R.D., Raggio C.L., Merchant S, et al.
Clinical Medicine and Research 2: 125-136.