Medical Genetics 601

MDGEN 601 Special Topics in Medical Genetics (*3) (Winter 2018)

Course Description -

This course will offer a review of fundamental pathways involved in tissue differentiation, organogenesis, and morphogenesis as relevant to human genetic developmental disorders and cancer.

This course will offer the possibility to review developmental pathways, gene families and biochemical processes and functions and their impact on clinical disorders. We will explore the role of germline and somatic mutations in clinical disorders of development and cancer, the link between genotype and phenotype, how model organisms contribute to elucidate developmental pathogenesis, along with how biological processes relate to therapy and counseling.

Instruction consists of lecture material, discussion and student-directed learning sessions. There will be a focus on reading and discussion of current research articles. Students are expected to read and critically evaluate research articles and participate in group discussions of topics. Students will be expected to present a critical review of papers that are assigned as well as prepare a grant proposal on a topic that was discussed in class.

There is no assigned textbook class. Lectures will be based upon journal articles available from the UofA library. Papers will be made available to students.

Time and Place:

Tuesday: 1:00 pm – 2:50 pm (lecture)
Thursday: 1:30 – 2:20 pm (seminar)

8th floor Medical Sciences Building, Room 8-56

Course Coordinators:

Dr. Oana Caluseriu

Dr. Zhixiang Wang

*Department requirement that MDGEN 601 or 605 be taken once