Toolkit for the Early Identification of Mental Health Disorders in Seniors

The development of the Toolkit for the Early Identification of Mental Health Disorders in Seniors was done by Dr. Bonnie Dobbs from the University of Alberta and Dr. Diane McNeil from Alberta Health Services. During the development of the toolkit, it was recognized that having a web-based version of the toolkit that could be accessed only by healthcare professionals was important. The web-based version of the toolkit is being hosted on the Medically At-Risk Driver Centre webpage out of convenience to allow healthcare professionals greater access to the toolkit.

This website was designed to assist you in gaining background information on four of the top mental health disorders in seniors, and an understanding of how to use the identified screening tools for each disorder. The website is organized in 5 sections. The first section provides background information on the purpose for and development of the Toolkit. The remaining four sections are organized by disorder. Each of these four sections begins with an overview of the identified disorder. Following the overview, there are downloadable versions of each of the screening tools for the disorder, instructions for administration, scoring, and interpretation of scores for each of the screening tools, and an information sheet about each disorder that can be given to patients and caregivers.

For access to the tools or videos, please email