Resources for Seniors and Family Members

Medical Conditions and Driving

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Mobility Guides


Mobility is important to an individual’s health and independence. However, sometimes health conditions and other circumstances limit mobility. When that happens it is necessary to find alternative ways of accessing services that are important to an individual’s health and well-being.

To assist in this effort, we have put together a listing of organizations and businesses that provide in-home services and transportation in Edmonton and area as well as Calgary and area. All of the organizations and businesses listed in this guide were contacted or identified through web-based searches. As well, a majority of the organizations listed have a focus on seniors and/or offer seniors a discount toward the services they offer.

Alternate Transportation for Seniors

Alternate transportation for seniors has been identified as an unmet need in many jurisdictions throughout North America and Alberta is no exception. Increased longevity and the aging of the baby boomers has heightened both the awareness and the need for responsive models of alternate transportation. In this Executive Summary and Final Report, we report on the availability of alternate transportation service provision for seniors in the province of Alberta across regional and urban/rural settings. We also identify the strengths and gaps of that service provision.

In addition, we have also completed a survey on the perceptions and use of alternate transportation by seniors in Alberta.

Resources for Non-Drivers