The Division of Community Engagement

The Division of Community Engagement in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry at the University of Alberta is an academic unit that recognizes the many diverse communities that we are a part of and the need to ensure a balance between health science, social accountability and humanism.

The Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry is the first faculty in Canada to develop and support a division like Community Engagement. The division is a cross-disciplinary community, and also engages communities to facilitate dialogue and respond to needs through innovative medical education, thoughtful research and related initiatives.

Community Engagement provides an academic home to the following related programs:

This optimizes the visibility and impact of program areas with natural affinities, locally, nationally and internationally.

Community Engagement recognizes both the multidimensional diversity of the world in which we live and the breadth of the knowledge base that informs medicine. The division values collaboration across the health professions and various academic disciplines (including the arts, social sciences and humanities), and aims to advance medical education, health services, and research across Canada and other communities we are connected to both local and global.  Together, we are dedicated to realizing a range of ideals and values encompassed within the mission of the faculty, including, scholarship, respect, compassion, caring, integrity, excellence, partnership and stewardship.