To address some of the global health challenges that new physicians may face, the Global Health Program has created an electives program for residents to complement their Alberta learning and help them understand global citizenship and become a global citizen. Elements of this program include the Field Station Program, assistance with logistics in identifying and applying for an elective and Risk Management training.

Getting Started - Residents

Setting up a Global Health Elective

  1. Contact the Global Health Program early and think about a global destination for your elective. This decision will be influenced by what each resident would like to experience and learn in particular. Their family and cultural roots, special interests, professional contacts, or faculty connections may be factors. There are different ways to choose a site:
    • GH Electives can be arranged:
      • With the Field Station Program;
      • By yourself; choose your own destination through personal or professional considerations
      • Contact Cheryl Knowles ( or other residents for information about past Global Health Electives
  2.  Contact Cheryl Knowles ( to arrange to attend Pre-departure Training (Risk Management).   If not able to attend the online moodle session can be sent to you via   Cheryl.  

  3. Download and complete the following form:
  4. Once residents receive confirmation of acceptance from the Global Health Program and/or the institution or preceptor, they should schedule an appointment with Cheryl Knowles (  Please bring the completed form, listed above, to the appointment for discussion and signature.