About the 12 Hour GH Elective


It is the policy of the Global Health Office that students wishing to take a field station elective in Low & Middle Income Countries (LMIC) must complete the Global Health 12 Hour elective during the academic year.  To learn which countries are defined as LMIC go to the World Bank website. Those who have taken the 12 hour elective are not required to take it again during their undergraduate medical education.

This elective will help frame expectations about international and global health experiences and the ethics, joys and risks of a learning experience abroad. The sessions will encourage participants to think about many issues and how to prepare, mentally and physically. Participants will also learn to cultivate humility and learn about risk management, two of the most important skills they will need during their international elective. The 12-hour elective also gives students a chance to engage with health care professionals who have experience with Global Health work. It is a requirement of the 12 Hour Global Health elective that students attend two sessions of Global Health Rounds.

The link to the Global Health 12 Hour elective in the Elective Catalogue is here.

Students who take the Global Health 12 Hour elective and take a field station elective that is at least 4 weeks in length, will automatically qualify for the Global Health travel bursary for travel to field stations organized by the Global Health Office i.e. no application required.  Amounts vary from year to year.  For more information about the bursary go to the Find Funding tab here.

If you wish to sign-up for this elective follow these steps (to learn more about how to register go to the MSA website here.

  1. Watch for an email notification from Local Officers of Global Health (LOGH) from the Medical Students’ Association (MSA) to learn when the 12 Hour Elective will be offered (sometime in the Spring).
  2. Sign in on attendance sheet at each session
  3. LOGHs will track students' hours
  4. At the completion of the 12 hours, MSA reps will send the forms to the elective’s faculty advisors for confirmation.
  5. Once confirmed, the LOGHs will send their confirmed list of students to the Global Health office which will then send the list of students to the UME office. 
  6. At the completion of their GH 12 hour elective, students go on assess.med and start the assessment form, choosing Norma Maloney as the preceptor.They then click “Save for Later” so that Norma can complete her portion of the form.Note:The deadline for electives and evaluations is March 31 for first year (MED 517) and April 30 for second year (MED 527).