Programs within the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry reserve positions for qualified Aboriginal students:


Number of Available Positions



Medical Laboratory Science


Doctor of Dental Surgery


Dental Hygiene Program


All other professional health-sciences faculties at the University of Alberta also offer special positions reserved for Indigenous students.

To qualify, applicants must provide proof of Indigenous ancestry as defined in Section 14.1 of the University of Alberta Calendar. This is in alignment with the Constitutional Act of 1982, Section 35, Part 2.

Candidates must meet all the requirements for admission as outlined by the University of Alberta, including a personal interview (where applicable). At least one person on the interview team for Indigenous applicants will be of Indigenous ancestry.

Residency Requirements:

Residency requirements are waived for all Aboriginal applicants. Preference for positions set aside for Aboriginal students may be given to residents of Alberta.


University of AlbertaIndigenous Admissions Review ReportMarch 5 2019