The Division of Community Engagement

Student Services

The administration provides Aboriginal students and applicants who are planning their undergraduate degrees with the following services:


  1. Assistance and facilitating during the admissions process.
    • Aboriginal applicants must meet all academic qualifications when applying for medical programs.
    • Administration will assist with the admissions process, and help students plan their undergraduate program.
    • Students are given the opportunity to visit the campus early in the application process.
    • During the applicant interviews (where applicable), at least one of the panel members will be of Aboriginal descent.
    • Applicants, students and interviewers are invited to a luncheon after the applicant interviews.
  2. Academic upgrading, tutoring services, referrals.
    • The administration can assist with upgrading and tutoring.
    • The Aboriginal Student Services Centre offers tutoring services.
  3. The Aboriginal Student Services Centre offers academic, personal and financial counseling.
  4. IHI and Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry activities
    • The IHI founded activities for nurturing Aboriginal students’ academic and cultural well-being
    • Events take place throughout the year to celebrate academic achievements.