Faculty Affairs

Message from the Associate Dean, Clinical Faculty

I am honoured to serve as your representative in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry.  You belong to a group of more than 2,200 Clinical Faculty that do the majority of clinical teaching in our faculty.  You represent close to 75% of all faculty that are affiliated to the FoMD.  As a clinician myself, I feel privileged to be part of this group that is so vital in shaping the present and future delivery of health care. 

I have met many of you in past years in the halls of the hospitals, at conferences, rounds, and at AMA meetings.  I have also had the opportunity to interact with some of you in zonal and provincial meetings regarding research and education, as well as advocacy for patients and providers.  As such, I am aware of the many innovative clinical and research programs in development across the northern half of the province, and the role that you, the clinicians, have played in shaping these programs.

During my first few months in this role, I have started a process of gathering data from the chairs of different clinical departments. The key questions I am asking:  What do our clinical faculty need to feel a sense of pride and belonging?  How do we recognize them for their contributions?  What can we do to support career development to enhance their professional satisfaction, which will naturally lead to personal satisfaction? 

I have also been meeting our other Associate Deans to link in our Clinical Faculty to the programs and resources that they offer.  As we develop our plan I will continue to reach out to the different sites in the Edmonton, Central and Northern zones, so please look out for me if I visit and do share your concerns.

It is apparent to me that there are several early initiatives that resonate with many of you:

  1. Clinical Promotions:An improved process to support and recognize clinical faculty through promotions.I will be working with our Chairs to harmonize this process and standardize it at the Faculty level.


  2. Representation on the Faculty Website:I have continued on the work that Dr. Gibson started and initiated discussions with MedIT on how we will have our Clinical Faculty showcased on the FoMD website to include personal pages for you to update on a regular basis.


  3. Annual Reports:Inclusion of Clinical Faculty on any online and mobile application platforms to ease the completion and submission of reports.


  4. Mentorship:I would like to enhance the availability of mentors for you at your local sites to support your professional development, and point you to the right direction for any other advice that you may need.

I will continue to work hard for you over the next months and years, and this page will be updated regularly. In the interim, I look forward to your suggestions and input, and welcome any opportunities to meet with you on a one-on-one basis.  Thank you for all the important work that you do each and every day.  Please do not hesitate to email me at jchoy@ualberta.ca

Yours truly,

Jonathan B. Choy, MD, MBA, FRCPC, FACC, FASE, FCCS

Associate Dean, Clinical Faculty