Faculty Affairs

Message from the Associate Dean, Clinical Faculty

Dr. Neil E. Gibson

I would like to use this space to introduce myself and also try to introduce my role within the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry.

I have taken this position on the retirement of Dr. TK Lee, who held the inaugural position starting in January of 2011. He has done a tremendous job in developing and collating the underpinnings for effective communication between Clinical and Academic Faculty. Large shoes to fill indeed.

I have also been given the definitive advantage of having an associate join me. Dr. Khurram Jahangir will be filling the role of Assistant Dean, Clinical Faculty and between the two of us we hope to build on the great work initiated by Dr. Lee.

I see this position as a vital two-way venue of communication between clinical faculty and the faculty administration, and in particular the dean.

Historically, in any institution there is inevitably a concern about “Town vs. Gown”. Often these concerns and issues arise from poor communication. I would hope that, through the efforts of Dr. Jahangir and I, we can mediate these issues as they arise and provide a mechanism for dialogue and a sharing of ideas.

Clinical faculty provide a valued service to the educational institution that often appears to be undervalued. I am convinced that this is not the case, and Dr. Lee has started some projects to try to address the perceived lack of recognition for the contributions of clinical faculty. We will certainly continue these efforts and hopefully build on them.

There is no reason why we cannot have meaningful and fruitful conversations, regardless of our academic appointments. I would hope that this position will help facilitate this exchange.

There are a number of services that the faculty provides, which some may not be aware of, such as clinical teaching seminars, career progression, library and access to campus activities to name a few. In the coming months and years I would hope to ensure that clinical faculty are able to be aware of these benefits and avail themselves of some or all of these as they see fit.

I think that you can see that my main thrust is fostering communication, and I will endeavour to continue to advance how and why we communicate among ourselves in order to build a stronger, unified faculty.

I am always interested in discussing these and any issues that pertain to this position, particularly soliciting ideas as to how to advance our relationships. I can be contacted at neil.gibson@ualberta.ca and I welcome any comments or feedback.

Yours Sincerely,

Neil E. Gibson
Associate Dean, Clinical Affairs