Faculty Affairs


In recognition of their dedication to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry, clinical academic colleagues enjoy a variety of benefits and services from the University of Alberta. These include:


Campus Computing IDs (CCIDs) act as gateways to the variety of electronic services provided by the University of Alberta. They verify faculty identification to those who attempt to access computing services on or off campus.

More than a mere identification number, CCIDs provide access to the following services:

  • Library services
    Faculty members have access to hundreds of online journals—including medline—through the library. CCID authentication is required for access.
  • U of A Google applications
    Each faculty member is given a U of A Google Apps account, which includes email, calendar and storage services.
  • eClass
    eClass is a learning management system. Centrally located and electronically accessible from anywhere, this service is used to deliver course information and websites.
  • Unix Logins
    General use, centrally-operated computers (Unix) at the University of Alberta require CCID verification for use.
  • Disk space
    Faculty members are given 24 GB of online storage for academic activities. CCID authentication keeps research, academic and educational material secure.
  • Computer lab and wireless internet access
    Computer lab workstations and wireless internet on campus require CCID authentication for use.
  • BearTracks
    BearTracks is where faculty and staff can review their pay, benefits and tax information. This is also where the personal information, including banking information, is stored.
  • Parking pass renewal
    Parking payment and renewal services are now available online.


ONEcards are the official identification cards at the University of Alberta, though their uses extend much farther than an ID:

  • ONEcard Cash
    ONEcards act like reloadable debit cards and are accepted at a variety of merchant and dining locations across campus. Money can be deposited onto a ONEcard in person, online or through automated deposit machines (ADMs).

    Visit the ONEcard Cash information centre to review a complete list of participating retailers and depositing options.

  • Access
    ONEcards provide access to certain areas or services at the university:
    • The Van Vliet Centre
      Athletic services are a term in each faculty member’s contract. Those who do not have gym access have the option to purchase a membership.
    • Comprehensive medical services at the University Health Centre.
      - Located on the second floor of SUB, academic and non-academic staff have full access to the Centre. Proof of provincial health insurance coverage is required.

    • Office or labs

      ONEcards can verify user identification to gain access to certain rooms on campus. Access is granted by the department. Lost or stolen cards must be reported to the department as soon as possible.
  • Transit
    Staff ONEcards grant free access to LRT services between Churchill Station and South Campus Station. Staff must carry their ONEcard with them when using the transit system. The denomination “Staff” will appear at the back of the card, and will act as proof of purchase to transit security. This offer is valid until the expiration date indicated at the back of the card.
  • Printing
    ONEcards manage printing and photocopying services for students and staff at AICT computing labs. Printing costs will be deducted from the available funds on the ONEcard.
  • Library
    ONEcards act as library cards on campus and at any of the NEOS Library Consortium locations throughout central Alberta. All staff have full access to library services.
  • Meal Plans
    Meal Plans reserve a separate monetary balance on ONEcards specifically for meals. The ONEcard will be swiped like a debit card, and the cost of meals will be deducted from the Meal Plan balance.

The Faculty Club

The Faculty Club is a meeting place for faculty members from all disciplines and offers intellectual, cultural and social engagement. Clinical academic colleagues are eligible for membership to this exclusive club. All members are required to pay an annual fee.

The Faculty Club includes access to:

  • Lower Lounge
    • A lounge perfect for enjoying a peaceful evening
  • The Jasper Room
    • An informal dining area with a buffet and complementary beverages. Reservations are not required.
    • Buffet Menus
  • Harriet Winspear Room
  • Patio
    • Only opening during summer months, the outdoor patio includes a barbeque.


Information Services and Technology (IST) negotiates and obtains volume and site-licensed software contracts from a variety of software suppliers. These services are sold to faculty, staff and students at a fraction of the regular retail cost.