Faculty Affairs

How to Reclaim a CCID

Faculty and staff members automatically receive a CCID when they join the University of Alberta.  Clinical Faculty can follow the steps outlined below to reclaim their CCID:

Option 1: Visit the CCID Administrators Office

  • Clinical Faculty located in Edmonton have the option to stop at the CCID Administrators Office with government-issued ID or their ONEcard. The CCID will be provided once identification has been confirmed.
  • The CCID Administrators Office is located in room 302 of the General Service Building.

Option 2: Call the CCID Administrators Office

  • Contact them by phone at 780-492-0400 and provide the information required. 

Option 3: Email

  • Clinical Faculty located outside of Edmonton can recover their lost CCID through email. The CCID Administrators can be contacted at CCID@ualberta.ca.
  • The email must indicate that CCID in question will need to be reset. The following information must also be present in the email:
    • Full name—this includes first name, all middle names, and surname.
    • Date of birth—month and day only.
    • Phone number on file
    • Full address on file.
  • Please note that the provided information must match the information on record in the system.

These processes are only for those who have forgotten or lost their CCID. Those who have forgotten their password can change their CCID password.