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Key events and programming

The following descriptions are for events that are repeated frequently throughout the year.

Clinical Teaching Sessions
This series of three 90-minute long interactive peer group sessions explores and applies the knowledge and skill sets needed to be an effective clinician teacher and educator.

Predatory Journal Workshop
This 1 hour workshop, you will learn how to identify predatory publishers, differentiate predatory from reputable publishers, locate quality journals for your academic work, and be on the alert for fake conferences.

Clinical Reasoning Workshop Series
This series of lectures will provide you with the fundamentals of clinical reasoning, effective questioning techniques to foster clinical reasoning, and expanding your toolkit for teaching and assessing clinical reasoning.

Graduate Student Supervision Workshop
This workshop will: introduce the concept of student-centered mentorship, assist the individual faculty member to generate their own Philosophy of Graduate Mentorship, articulate the general student and supervisor responsibilities, discuss the differences between supervision and mentorship, introduce best practices in mentorship, and communicate mentorship resources atUAlberta.