Faculty Affairs

Career Development

Our Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry is comprised of both tenure track and Clinical Academic Colleague faculty, with three ranking categories for each track (assistant, associate, and full professor). 

Awarding of promotion, and in the tenure track, tenure and merit increments, is the faculty’s acknowledgement of academic stature and is an attestation that the alignment and scholarship needed for successful endeavours and careers are manifest and adequate supported. 

To promote career development, the faculty offers interactive workshops, other resources and contacts.


Other Processes and Products

The following resources may be of use for career planning, annual reporting, and preparation for promotion or tenure.

People & Community Contacts

For assistance, we have provided a list of faculty members with interest in and experience with faculty development. They are listed by their departmental, divisional or deanery affiliation. These faculty members are associated with the FoMD Faculty Development Committee, and can provide consultation, collaboration, products, processes and resource linkage to help faculty members achieve success and satisfaction in their academic roles.

Although you may wish to contact the member most closely affiliated with your department feel free to approach others as well.

Name E-mail Departmental Affiliation
Bruce Fisher bruce.fisher@ualberta.ca Associate Dean, Faculty Development
Sudha Koppula sudha.koppula@ualberta.ca Family Medicine
Charles Holmes charles.holmes@ualberta.ca Biochemistry
Andrew Shaw as6@ualberta.ca Oncology
Louanne Keenan lkeenan@ualberta.ca Family Medicine/Community Engaged Research
Manjula Gowrishankar manjula@gpu.srv.ualberta.ca Pediatrics
Shirley Auvigne shirley.auvigne@ualberta.ca Postgraduate Medical Education
Deborah Burshyn deborah.burshyn@ualberta.ca Medical Microbiology & Immunity
Dawna Gilchrist dgilchri@ualberta.ca Medical Genetics
Peter Brindley peter.brindley@albertahealthservices.ca Critical Care
Steve Harvey steve.harvey@ualberta.ca Physiology
Richard Thompson richard.thompson@ualberta.ca Biomedical Engineering
Laura Stovel laura.stovel@albertahealthservices.ca Psychiatry
Gisele Gaudet-Amigo ggaudet@ualberta.ca Dentistry