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Competence By Design

Assessment of Learning to Assessment for Learning

The power of a preposition.  Transforming “of” to “for” describes well what Competence by Design (CBD) hopes to achieve.
Outcomes-based approach that focuses on competencies needed for medical practice
A hybrid model of competency-based medical education (CBME);  as a hybrid model, CBD recognizes the hospital service needs
Two terms to know:
Milestone: “an observable marker of someone’s ability along a developmental continuum”, used for planning and teaching
Entrustable Professional Activity (EPA): used for assessment, EPAs are tasks, that a supervisor can safely delegate (trust) to the resident.  Multiple milestones make up an EPA
Royal College training programs are working well, but, we can do better.
Many physicians just finishing training do not feel prepared for independent practice
We are accountable to society to ensure that all trainees have the needed competencies to practice anywhere in Canada
Transparent learning objectives/competencies are needed by both learner and assessor
Lifelong learning skills are needed
Different programs will roll-out CBD over the next several years.  Anesthesiology and ENT are the first, and will start in July 2017.
Over a two year period, the Specialty Committees of each discipline, which include the Program Directors, develop specialty specific milestones and EPAs.
FoMD Faculty Development is working closely with the Associate Dean, PGME Dr. Kearney, and the Director of Competence by Design, Dr. Oswald.  If you or your group would like further information on CBD/CBME, please contact one us.  The Royal College has multiple resources, including webinars, videos, information sheets available for your use.


Form more details and resources please visit the PGME CBD Webpage.