Debbie Andrews

My primary department is Pediatrics. I would describe myself as a clinician scholar, educator, and teacher.  Education is the single largest component of my job description (Education 40%, Clinical 20%, Research 20% and Administration 20%).

In education, I have interest and experience in national learning objectives for UME and PME. I am recognized internationally as an innovator in UME medical education in my subspecialty, and novice to expert teaching workshops. I have conducted research on the evaluation of teaching tools, and student-faculty collaboration. I could mentor others engaged in teaching and education at UME and PME levels, and in both clinical and classroom venues.

I have had experience with clinical program outcomes evaluation and could provide advice on local and national standards. In administration I have been a divisional director and undertaken leadership positions in national professional organization for my specialty, and would be willing to provide mentorship on leadership and program administration.