Fraulein Morales

I am a Clinical Academic Colleague and a Clinical Associate Professor in the Department of Medicine.  I would describe myself as a clinician and a teacher. My job description is 60% clinical activity, 20% education and 10% administration.

I work in a very busy R5 Fellows Clinic and Hypertension Clinic. I have been the recipient of five teaching awards over the past nine years.

In the area of administration I have been the principal teaching physician for PGME for two years, the principal teaching physician for UGME for six years and the OSCE Director, IM clerkship for 5 years.

I would be willing to provide mentoring in how to handle and balance busy in-patient service & family life, dealing with allied health, and patient and their families. I also have a certificate in Medical Education and have held several administrative positions and would be able to mentor in these areas as well.