Meena Kalluri

I am an associate professor in the Department of Medicine, Pulmonary Division.

My job description spent in education related activities is 30% (25 % clinical teaching and 5% classroom based teaching).

Self-reflection is my deliberate educational practice. It is critical to the development of intentional competence necessary for accomplished teaching. This is the basis of my educational philosophy. 

I routinely work with students, residents and fellows on pulmonary wards consult services, outpatient procedures and ambulatory clinic. The interdisciplinary nature of my clinical practice has been crucial to my teaching; this innovative approach has been the platform for a new program I created for pulmonary fellows and general internal medicine residents.  I created, developed and evaluated clinic rotation in Ambulatory teaching (ILD clinic) based on the Royal College Position Statement with emphasis on non-expert CanMEDS. I consistently score highly in teaching evaluations as exemplified by the honorable mention in the Postgraduate Teacher of the year category 2014 and the “Best Clinical Teaching Unit Award” received for clinical inpatient teaching in 2013. 

I have extended this work into the GIM residency training curriculum by creating a new 4 week rotation called Multidisciplinary Clinical Teams rotation. The goal of this rotation is to expose the residents to clinical environments where they can appreciate the value of collaborative, patient centered team work. They learn how to communicate within a team, with patients and families. The emphasis is on non-expert CanMEDS roles. The residents also spend time in reflecting on their experience and writing exercise. I created objectives, rotation structure, and program evaluation tools. The highlights of MCT rotation include end of life care, chronic disease management, rehabilitation in an ambulatory, home-based setting, and telemedicine or distant outreach. 

I have developed the following Educational products:
  1. Peer-reviewed online bank of ILD cases that are published on the Division's website.
  2. A bank of lectures on various aspects of ILD and general pulmonary diseases for undergraduate, postgraduate, allied health and nursing students.
  3. Multidisciplinary ILD conference: monthly rounds with participation of the Department of Radiology and Anatomic Pathology to enhance care, increase ILD awareness improve physician learning and provide teaching for residents and fellows. This is Royal College CME-accredited with excellent evaluations.
  4. Peer-reviewed EBUS reading curriculum.
My goals are to develop new resident training curriculum to introduce concepts of collaborative practice, narrative and reflective medicine and study impact on their practice.