Faculty Affairs

Resident as clinical teacher 101 course

This 90-minute introductory session is designed for junior residents in our postgraduate medical education programs, who, as part of their CanMEDS competencies, are tasked with teaching other learners. The focus of the session is on clinical rather than classroom teaching.

Presently the departments of Surgery and Pediatrics administer their own high quality introductory sessions for residents. The goal of offering our series is to ensure that all residents in all of our programs have the opportunity to receive basic instruction in how to teach.

The sessions are coordinated with individual residency program educational schedules, and take part during academic half day periods. Attendance is taken so that we can monitor who are still in need of instruction.

Not all residents are able to attend scheduled sessions. Residents may book to attend other offerings of the session or alternately, take an online (Moodle) version of the session that includes interactive reflective exercises.

The on-line course requires registration through your program director or administrative assistant after which you may log on using your CCID.

For more information:

If you are a resident or faculty member, contact your program director or administrative assistant.

If you are a program director or administrative assistant, contact Mia.Lang@albertahealthservices.ca.