Faculty Affairs

Teaching Scholars Program

In 2013, the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry introduced a new faculty development opportunity. Over the past two years, Dr. Carol Hodgson,with Dr. Louanne Keenan, introduced the 15-month Teaching Scholars Program (TSP) course to the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry (FoMD).

The course, aimed primarily at clinicians in the health professions, provides an introduction to educational theory and practice and an introduction to educational research. Developing and conducting a scholarly project was required of all TSP Scholars. This system resulted in the successful completion of a number of health professions' educational research projects (a number are still ongoing), including multiple successful grant applications. Even though we feel that the program has been successful, we also appreciate that there are faculty members who would benefit from separate, shorter courses.

Based on feedback and review, as well as multiple discussions with faculty members, the program has been re-engineered to better meet the individual needs of FoMD faculty members. There will still be a Teaching Scholars Program (TSP), but TSP will now be the umbrella program with multiple shorter courses within, and will now more closely follow the University of Alberta course calendar.

In addition, the courses are being submitted for review as elective courses in the Faculty of Education’s Master of Health Professions Education program. Seven courses are currently planned for the new FoMD Teaching Scholars Program which covers three of the five domains developed by the Academy of Medical Educators in Great Britain. These domains are: (1) Design and Planning of Learning Activities; (2) Educational Research and Evidence-based Practice; and (3) Teaching and Supporting of Learners. We will consider developing additional TSP courses that meet the standards for other domains (such as Assessment and Feedback to Learners and Educational Management and Leadership) given an FoMD identified need or interest.

Faculty members who complete a minimum of three TSP courses will receive a TSP Level 1 Certificate. Faculty members who complete all seven courses will receive a TSP Level 2 Certificate. Please see the three-year plan for more details about the new Teaching Scholars Program.

TSP Director: Carol Hodgson, PhD - carol.hodgson@ualberta.ca
TSP Associate Director: Pamela Brett-MacLean, PhD - pbrett@ualberta.ca
TSP Clinical Adviser: Tracey Hillier, MD, CCFP, FRCPC - thillier@ualberta.ca