Academic Integrity

The Truth in Education (TIE) program of the Office of Student Judicial Affairs is a campus-wide educational campaign on academic honesty.


The GFC Law Review Committee (CLRC) requests that each instructor and/or graduate teaching assistant distribute the notice on Plagiarism, Cheating, Misrepresentation of Facts and Participation in an Offence to their classes at the beginning of each term.

Don't Cheatsheet - Notice to Instructors Regarding Plagiarism, Cheating, Misrepresentation of Facts and Participation in an Offence.

Academic Integrity Handbook for Instructors

The Academic Integrity Handbook provides basic resources for instructors to promote academic integrity in the classroom or lab and to address any incidents of inappropriate academic behaviour that may arise.

Instructors who believe there has been a violation of academic integrity in the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry are to report this behavior to the Dean, using the following form.

Inappropriate Academic Behavior Reporting Form


Plagiarism, cheating, misrepresentation of facts and participation in an offence are viewed as serious academic offences by the University and by the GFC Campus Law Review Committee (CLRC). Sanctions for such offences range from a reprimand to suspension or expulsion from the University.U of A Truth in Education

Student Resources

Students should be familiar with the policies on academic integrity and the resources available to assist them.