Faculty Strategic Plan

Dean Brenda Hemmelgarn, MD/PhD

Vision 2025

In early June 2020, I gathered 22 people from across our Faculty for an intensive Zoom retreat. The goal? To begin the work needed to refresh the Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry’s strategic plan. Thanks to the efforts of this dynamic group—representing all career stages and drawing on diverse expertise in health sciences education, research and clinical care—we have completed the first phase in developing our sketch of a roadmap. 

We’ve now entered the engagement phase of designing our roadmap for Vision 2025, which will be a reflection of the bold, transformative work we have embarked on together toward a shared future. 

A time of transformation


The University of Alberta has entered a period of fundamental systemic reform to address current financial pressures and enhance delivery on our academic mission. President Bill Flanagan’s institutional vision, the U of A for Tomorrow, will require profound changes.

What does this mean for us?


The work we do in the FoMD—training top-notch health-care providers and supporting world-class research—is critical to the economic, social and cultural prosperity of Alberta. 

I believe we can turn the challenges of this time into strategic transformations.

How will we get there? 


We will keep our eyes firmly on our shared vision of excellence in education, research and clinical care. Our priorities will be focused and realistically future-oriented. We will be adaptable, flexible and agile. 

And we won’t do any of this alone. We will continue a deep tradition in the FoMD by building and strengthening our relationships with our partners as we travel this path. 

What are my commitments as Dean?


I commit to putting the patient and our communities at the centre of our strategic plan, training future leaders and health science professionals so the communities we serve can live fuller, healthier lives. 

I commit to responsible stewardship of our resources as a publicly-funded health science academy. 

And with a clear focus on social accountability, I commit to work with all of you to realize equity, diversity and inclusivity throughout all of our learning and research environments. 

This isn’t my plan. It is our plan. 


Everyone in our faculty, alongside our partners, will be a part of co-creating our roadmap. Together we will set meaningful metrics on our path and implement our strategic plan. 

Share your thoughts


I invite you to join me for a variety of virtual conversations throughout July and August 2020. 

Whether you are faculty, staff, learner or alumni, a key partner from the health foundations or from the communities we serve, I want to hear from you during this intensive engagement phase. A facilitated refinement phase will follow before we move into the design phase in the fall of 2020.

Together, I know we will embrace this period of transformation and create a bold and exciting Vision 2025. 

Brenda Hemmelgarn, MD / PhD
Dean, Faculty of Medicine & Dentistry

Vision 2025 is focused on five areas:








Download the strategic plan draft PDF

We want to hear from you

Conversations with the Dean: FoMD Strategic Planning Engagement 

We’ve scheduled nearly a dozen opportunities this summer for faculty and staff to discuss our draft plan. Please register for one of the following upcoming Zoom sessions to learn more and share your thoughts. Each session will have a similar format, so choose a session that works best for you.

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June 29 at 12 p.m. (118 attended) 

July 7 at 3 p.m. (45 attended) 

July 16 at 12 noon

July 21 at 9 a.m.

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July 28 at 11 a.m.

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Aug. 21 at 10 a.m.

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