Our Education Vision

Our vision is to improve learning opportunities for all faculty members, from students to professor emeriti. This will be accomplished by developing competency-based education for undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate programs; establishing lifelong learning for all interested faculty; implementing a social accountability framework through all levels of education; and enhancing basic science education through strengthened relationships with the Faculty of Science and the basic science departments.

5-Year Vision

  ☐  Our learning environment (experience and excel)
Ensure a humanistic and supportive environment that enhances learning.

  ☐  Our programs (build and experience)
• Inter-professional and collaborative education within and between FoMD programs.

  ☐  Our faculty (excel, engage and sustain)
Culture of educational scholarship and excellence.
Culture that fosters and champions distinction and distinctiveness in teaching, learning, research, and service.

  ☐  Our communities (build, engage and sustain)
• Engage communities to create reciprocal learning experiences, research projects, partnerships, and collaborations.
• Sustain our people, our work, and the environment by attracting and stewarding the necessary resources.
• Attract and maintain international and global partners.

Goals to deliver in 2019 

  ☐  Build and expand our academic technologies to support education innovation.

  ☐  Expansion of our Office of Advocacy & Wellbeing to include faculty.

  ☐  Creation of social accountability pillar.

  ☐  Focus on increased support for the Indigenous Health Initiative Program and the Director.