Our Funding Vision

Our vision is to create a sustainable financial framework by establishing formal, stable and sustainable partnerships with Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health, Alberta Health, and Advanced Education that address appropriate compensation for academic faculty, space allocation, education services and recognizing research; implementing a flexible and transparent center-based funding model to inform investment decisions that align with strategic direction; and establishing a formal agreement regarding philanthropic activities with the University of Alberta and partner foundations.

5-Year Vision

  ☐  Formalized agreements with University of Alberta and affiliated hospital foundations for efficient management of philanthropic resources.

  ☐  Develop flexible and transparent budget model which could be applied consistently throughout the Faculty.

  ☐  Formal, multi-year funding agreements with Alberta Health, Alberta Health Services, Covenant Health and Alberta Advanced Education.

  ☐  Establish a functional, effective Fund Development Office.

Goals to deliver in 2019

  ☐   Office of Advancement structure realignment to formalize Faculty departments and institutes assignments (department and institute-based) to support campaign goals and internal and external stakeholder relationships.

  ☐   Complete Units’ Multi-year Forecasting for unit reviews, 2019-20 budget and Faculty Multi-Year Plan.

  ☐   Participate in rollout of U of A new budget model.