Our Partnerships Vision

Our vision is to establish comprehensible, sustainable and formal relationships with health delivery partners; establish an effective academic health sciences network at the University of Alberta to support partnerships; implement frameworks for all faculty strategic and priority partnerships; and initiate or strengthen two partnerships that align with the faculty's social accountability mandate.

5-Year Vision

  ☐  Comprehensive, formalized agreements with our health delivery partners.

  ☐  Work with our partners to develop an academic health sciences network.

  ☐  Develop a formal framework to analyze and manage FoMD strategic and priority partnerships.

  ☐  Initiate / strengthen two partnerships focused on our social accountability mandate.

Goals to deliver in 2019

  ☐  Complete DoM AMHSP transition to new model.

  ☐  Onboard Psychiatry and Medical Genetics as new AMHSP arrangements.

  ☐  Advance Pediatric Surgery and Thoracic Surgery AMHSPs.

  ☐  Renew North Sector AMHSP Master Agreement.

  ☐  Operationalize partnership strategic roadmaps by formalizing partner assignments, key relationship maps and timelines for partner feedback (supported by established Revegy Relationship Management database).