Our People Vision

Our vision is to implement human resources best practices within the faculty to support all staff and faculty members; to retain key contingent funded faculty members that contribute to the faculty's research identity, improve engagement with clinical colleagues in teaching and research; and to implement a program to encourage more diversity within leadership positions.

5-Year Vision

   ☐  Explore and implement best practices in human resources management.

   ☐  Retain key faculty members & significant contributors to research excellence at the FoMD.

   ☐  Foster greater engagement of clinical & academic faculty in the research, teaching, administration and overall community in the FoMD.

   ☐  Improve the diversity of our membership, particularly in the area of leadership.

Goals to deliver in 2019

  ☐   Complete Academic Teaching Staff (ATS) standards.

  ☐   Continue to promote Transitional Retirement Implementation Program (TRIP).

  ☐   Finalize Clinical Academic Faculty promotion process.

  ☐   Complete roll-out of automated workflow for academic recruitment.

  ☐   Commence next stage design for onboarding workflow, leveraging on completion of the FoMD’s person database redesign, “myFOMD” (an integrated upgrade of FARM and ARO systems).